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Out of the CD cover-text 

When, still in the last millennium, we decided to play Schrammelmusic, it was very clear to us that we would get deeply into our cultural heritage. There had to be something else behind the cliché of the "grumbling Heurigenmusic"!

Bit by bit we managed to rediscover the warmth and the sensitivity of this specific musical genre and to bring it back to life.

The secret wish to include contemporary music in our reportoire became stronger and stronger and so we rummaged through the history of the Schrammel brothers once again. Many musical examples showed us that in their compositions the Schrammel brothers used to assimilate the impressions of their travels whereby they would enrich their musical creations. This encouraged us even more to include newly composed and newly arranged pieces for these specific instruments.

When we, rather accidentally, discovered that the tangos of the "Guardia Vieja" (the old school) had a similar history as the Schrammelmusic, we were quite amazed. They  originated at the same time and  they, too, were linked with a city (Buenos Aires). The mostly chambermusic-like instrumentation with guitar, violin, flute, and bandoneon was similarly intimate as the Schrammels’ and the musicians were attached to their traditions. Scorned for a time and almost forgotten, they were recovered by the Argentinian Astor Piazzolla, who took a new broom to them and made them world-famous as a genre in itself.


  1. Wien - Paris: Dominik Ertl, Arr.: Wiener Frauen Schrammeln, 2:45
  2. Herrgott aus Sta´: Text and Music: Karl Hodina, Arr.: Bruno Lanske, 3:49
  3. Lumiere (l´Amour/SuiteLumiere No. 3): Astor Piazzolla, Arr.: Marianne Gansch, 4:28
  4. Faschingskrapfen: Johann Schrammel, Arr.: Wiener Frauen Schrammeln, 4:22
  5. Homenagem ao Brasil: Kurt Obermair, op. 1/16, 3:14
  6. Lieber Tango: Astor Piazzolla, Arr.: Kurt Obermair, 2:29
  7. Wenn der Herrgott net will, nutzt es gar nix: Music: Ernst Arnold, Text: Ernst Arnold/Artur Kaps, Arr.: Wiener Frauen Schrammeln, 2:33
  8. Sultan Marsch: Josef Schrammel, Arr.: Wiener Frauen Schrammeln, 2:21
  9. Suleika: Wilh. Rosenzweig, Arr.: W. Wasservogel, 3:28
  10. Liadone Woadde: Kurt Obermair, op. 1/12, 3:04
  11. Lacumparsitango: Matos Rodrigo, Arr.: Kurt Obermair, 3:00
  12. Beim Grebelten: K. Mikulas, J. Winhart, 4:36
  13. Das Glück is a Vogerl: Musik: Carl Kratzl, Text: Alexander von Biczó, 2:12
  14. Rin del Angelito: Trad., Arr.: Kurt obermair, op. 04/4, 2:45
  15. Tanz in E: Manfred Kammerhofer 1996, 3:28
  16. Morgengruß: J. Schrammel, Arr.: K. Mikulas, 3:49
  17. Unsa oeda Schdeffe: Felix Lee, op. 97/15, Arr.: Kurt Obermair, 4:13
  18. Das silberne Kannderl: F. P. Fiebrich, op. 389, Arr.: Anton Ernst, 2:11
  19. Wiener Fuhrleut´: Josef Mikulas, Arr.: Wiener Frauen Schrammeln, 3:00

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