Our common love 

... of Viennese music led to the foundation of the quartet "Wiener Frauen Schrammeln" in 1998, with the intention to maintain the cultural heritage and to continue the tradition of Viennese music.

Our repertory 

... comprises on the one hand the "Classical Viennese folk music" in traditional and modern arrangements.
On the other hand we are going new ways, together with contemporary composers like Johannes Holik, Marianne Gansch and Kurt Obermair, in using the typical instuments of Schrammel music: two violins, accordion, voice, contraguitar. Samba and tango are only two examples of their works written for our ensemble.

Our quartet is different 

... from other quartets in this genre insofar as we are interpreting this kind of Viennese music of the 1880’s just as Johann Schrammel himself would do it.
We are not making the usual music performed at the Heurigen (winecellars at the outskirts of Vienna), but we try to express the sensibility and the sincerity of this music.
Even with the newly composed and the newly arranged pieces we follow the example of the Schrammel brothers, who transformed the impressions of their travels into their musical compositions.